The family

The family

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Week Seven!!!!!!!!

Well the pups have been developing wonderfully.  Their energy levels have jumped of the scale and they are up and around playing all the time.  We have them at this time pretty much house broken to were the only see an accident maybe once a day and with all six of them it is hard to catch the one that might be missing the mark... :-).

 The puppies were weighed last weekend and they were all over 20lbs.  Their appetite is great; we dewormed them, and gave them their shots so they are doing awesome.  Some are looking as if they will be great for show and definitely for breeding.  But being the proud grandpa I will say I have my 2 favorites.  One male and one female to me have, and are the best of the litter.  They take after not only their dad but also after both their fathers fathers.  They are big boned; double dew clawed and behaves the same.  They are very independent yet still very much part of the pack.  When they go outside they will hang around the rest of the group and will eventually stray away and explore, after relaxing just outside the boundaries of where the others are and taking on a very much overseer role just like they have done for years as a large breed guardian, than they will come back into the group and will make sure everyone to include mom and dad and aunty Siesta are all there and alright.  These two little ones will be the hardest of all to see go.  Although anyone who has ever breed knows and understands how hard it is to let any one of your little ones leave the nest............

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