The family

The family

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving has been a blessing.... Puppies and family

I have now been home for 24 hours and I feel a sensation of deep sorrow I have not been here to experience the wonderful time Edna has had with the little pups. 

My lovely wife has done such a marvelous job helping Gitana bring them into this world and has also done a wonderful job raising them to this point. 
They are precious and have sure and determined personalities.  I so wish I could keep them all with us yet we all know that is not going to be something or anything I would be able to do right now not knowing were the Army will assigned me to next.   

Almira is one of the sweetest pups I have seen in a long time.  She loves to be with you and tonight she laid her head on my lap when I was outside with them and she fell right to sleep with me just petting her.  She likes her personal time were she will just stay apart from the rest of the litter and will observe them as they play, and oh yeah she likes to play with the rest and is ferocious.  She will definitely hold her own in whatever environment she finds herself.  She is big boned and has lots of skin to continue developing. 

Atreo is a sweetheart; he felts you with his gaze in an instant.  He is going to make someone a great companion.  He loves to hang around you and al he wants is for you to pet him and pay him attention.  He has a very strong personality and lets you know he is there.  Atreo also has an abundance of skin and has very well developed structure with big bones.

Alejo is one who as soon as he sees you coming he is on his way to say hi.  He likes to make sure he greets you before you even get to the rest of the puppies.  In the manner he is doing this I really think the decades of guardianship this breed has provided runs deep in him as he is protecting his siblings from the get go.  His development is great, big bones, huge paws, and great motility.

Anselmo what to say about this little guy.  He is huge, and loving.  He likes to come and give you kisses and also untie your shoes.  He has mastered how to get your laces undone even if they are double tied….  Lol    Anselmo has large paws and extremely agile.  If any of the other pups go for a walk around the backyard or even the adults go out in defense of the house he follows to see what they are doing as if he is going in reserve to help out.  FEARLESS.. has lots and lots of extra skin and large paws as well as incredible development in the bone structure. 

Alvira is extremely adventurous.  She loves to go off on the property and seek out the wonder at that moment.  This morning when I let them out she ventured to what I am sure to them seems like the end of the world which is about 400 meters and came back with this huge tumbleweed.  I would not be exaggerating if I would say it was twice her size.  Has the look of a soldier who is looking out for his brothers in arms.  Alvira is always watching out for everyone else, that is if she is not eating, or playing with the rest of the litter.  She is going to do a great job at guarding and being in charge of protecting her family.  Alvira also as a great development in her bone structure and lots of skin.

Ambrosio is mischievous.  He loves to get into everything his siblings are doing and loves to wake them up and harass them.  He really is a character and likes to give you his paw to get your attention.  Another of his primary virtues is he loves to be around people but he also likes to sit back when he is not abusing his sleeping brothers and sisters and watch what is going on.  He is going to be a great dog and companion.  He is big, big boned, large pawed, and loving.

All in all these pups are developing great.  They take after both mom and dad.  They have a great development in the bone structure and have large paws and great jaws and bites.  Some have the same markings as Leon as a puppy at this stage and some have even the same triangular marking on their tails like Gitana as a puppy.  Even now as puppies when sound asleep they become alert when something Blessed again to bring Leon into our life’s and again when Gitana came into our lives.  These little guys are a blessing that have allowed me to share what I have had in our lives and I hope they bring the same joy to the new families they will be going to. 

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