The family

The family

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Well the puppies are now 4 weeks old and are doing great.  The Mama (Gitana) is also doing great and has allowed our other female (Siesta) to integrate with them.  They have been outside playing and the little guys are now moving around pretty independently as of now.  Edna has been running around trying to keep up with them as they are exploring and having fun leaving little presents everywhere for here,, ( I wish I was there to help out).  Leon the Papa has started to not be as confused about what these little guys are running around, and has been more interactive with the pups.  They are fully mobile and can see as extremely well now.  They are testing every aspect of the envelope.  We even had our favorite trying to growl at Edna the first time she pull him of the teat to put one of smaller pups on to eat.  They are wonderful, and many remind us of what Leon was when we got him from Spain a few years back.  Our hearts melt everyday with their antics and it will break the day we must place them with their new families…… till than we will love each and every one with all of our souls and kisses.

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  1. When the puppies leave for their new homes, it helps to think of it as 'sharing the love'! There will be 6 new people who will have the opportunity to learn how special this breed really is!